W.A. Fix

W. A. Fix is a retired information technology manager, who with his wife and three cats lives in the suburbs of San Diego, California. He has been writing all his life and recently became more serious about the craft. He particularly enjoys writing “Flash Fiction” and stories in the 3,000 to 5,000 word range, due to the instant gratification for both author and reader. Other interests include photography and golf. Find him on Goodreads.

Stories by W.A. Fix

Harry and Clyde

Illustrated by Nevena Katalina

Launch -20 minutes. “Man, I can’t wait to get going. This is my first trip past the belt. Actually, I’ve never gone beyond the moon. How about you… ahh…what’s your name?” “Clyde Simpson,” said the middle aged man sitting in the pilot’s chair. He continued to compare the ship’s log book to the readings displayed on the …

Time to Learn

Illustrated by Nevena Katalina

Adam Sims arrived in Stockton Kansas, December 6, 1941, riding in the bed of a 1938 Ford pickup truck. He was fiercely cold and when the driver of the pickup stopped and got out, he threw back the corners of the two heavy blankets that covered him and looked around. “This is it son. Stockton Kansas …

A Really Good Day

Illustrated by Pam Casey

If you noticed Leslie Byrdson, you would probably wonder if he were one of the thousands released by mental institutions to wander city streets, homeless and in need of stabilizing medications. If you did, you would be wrong and you would have mistaken his mumblings for insanity. Leslie was and is, by most standards, a …


Illustrated by Sayantan Halder

The Lord said, “Let there be Darkness!” Then Darkness fell upon the Earth, and all that remained was the pounding of the horses’ hooves. After two days, the pounding stopped and Satan’s horses rested. The leaders spoke to one another, each blaming the other for the Lord’s wrath. And Satan’s horses charged again. They ran until they were …


Illustrated by Sayantan Halder

“Pssst…Bill … Hey, Bill, wake up. You’ve been sleeping for two full hours and now you need to wake up and talk to me. I can’t take this silence anymore,” whispered Mitzi. “Mitzi, damn it. Please leave me alone. I have to sleep more than two hours at a time. My mind requires deep sleep. Please, …

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