Tovah S. Yavin

Tovah Yavin is currently retired from her many, many day-jobs which over three decades included teacher, professor, veterinary technician, textbook writer, software developer, system administrator, researcher, journalist and spy (Yes, really).

Stories by Tovah S. Yavin


Illustrated by Nevena Katalina

Stephanie pushed through the revolving door, then checked the scrap of paper in her pocket. This was the right address. She swished across the plush carpet letting her hand trail over the backs of velvety sofas as she made her made her way to the elevators. The building was a lot nicer than she had expected. …

Fifth Floor

Illustrated by Michael Ilkiw

Melanie joined the small group staring at the elevator door. Her eyes turned upward, along with everyone else’s, tracking the elevator’s path from 4 to 3 to … An older couple held a pink balloon announcing ‘It’s a girl!’ The woman’s smile was so wide and so steady that she resembled one of those cartoon happy …