Stacey D. Poole

Stacey D. Poole is an author on The Story Shack.

Stories by Stacey D. Poole

The Tattoo

Illustrated by Jordan Wester

The woman stood outside the You Tattoo parlor; the logo, simply a hand with the letters, Y, O and U scripted across the palm. She didn’t have any tattoos, well, none yet. She had been wrestling for a year or more with what she’d really want on her body for the rest of her days …

The Penguin Who Loved to Crunch Ice

Illustrated by James Brown

In an igloo way down at the South Pole a penguin named Peter sat on a rock happily crunching an ice cube. “CRUNCH, CRUNCH, CRUNCH.” Peter was kind of strange because he really liked to crunch on ice; all of the other penguins used ice to build their igloos or for sliding races. Some penguins even …

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