Nathanael Cameron Hood

Nathanael Hood is a full-time film critic for TheYoungFolks and TheRetroSet, and an aspiring comic book writer. In his spare time he likes to drink whole pots of coffee and smash his face into his keyboard for hours at a time. If he’s lucky, enough of the ensuing gibberish will auto-correct into coherent words which he then submits to flash fiction sites.

Find Nathanael on his Tumblr.

Stories by Nathanael Cameron Hood


Illustrated by Daniele Murtas

Ten feet up, catty-corned from the forest path I found the black hole one brisk autumn morning. From its center a thin, wizened arm poked out palm out-stretched and up-right. After a moment I shrugged, climbed an adjacent tree, and plopped a penny upon the palm. The fingers curled up like dead leaves and retracted …

Drainpipe Daughter

Illustrated by Katie Weymouth

Babies aren’t supposed to laugh until they are three or four months old. But Jennifer laughed the day she was born. Not so much a laugh as a giggle, not so much a giggle as a chirp, Jennifer looked me right in the eyes during her first bath in the kitchen sink. As I raised …