Jonathan Ryan Vassallo

Jonathan Ryan Vassallo has been previously published with a collection of short stories called The Kingstonians. He is interested in psychology, philosophy and the power of the imagination.

Stories by Jonathan Ryan Vassallo

Daddy, Is Santa Claus Real?

Illustrated by Stephanie Matos

“Daddy, is Santa Claus real?” Sammy asked his father a week before Christmas. This is perhaps one of the most important moments in any child’s cognitive development, and no one understood that better than Mr. Bell. Questioning the existence of Santa Claus shows that a child is beginning to think independently and rationally. Santa Claus is …

I Bumped Into the Pigeon Man

Illustrated by James Brown

Union Station does not just unite the Go Train, buses and TTC together to form the main transportation hub of Toronto; it also unites cultures. Every day thousands of commuters pass through Union Station and each one of them is a true testament to the diversity of our city. They come and go from every …