Jon Sindell

Jon Sindell wrote the flash-fiction collection The Roadkill Collection (Big Table Publishing) and the long-story collection Family Happiness (2016). He is a humanities tutor who curates the San Francisco-based reading series Rolling Writers and formerly practiced law. See more of his work at

Stories by Jon Sindell

Dogs and Apples

Illustrated by Allen Forrest

He hurled words to stop her from packing. “It’s that I’m a dog and you’re an apple.” She stopped and wrinkled her brow without amusement. “Dogs have no molars, but they eat apples because they’re so juicy and sweet. And I want you even though I’m not suited for you.” She had grown too weary of …

A Swingin’ Cat

Illustrated by Hannah Nolan

Danielle Snow was the cleverest girl in eighth grade, a storywriter with a penchant for old—fashioned sayings. She was also the cutest. That year, we had dance parties at kids’ houses every Friday night. There were core kids and quorum kids, and I was a quorum kid, there to fill out the room. Mike Freese, …

Mud Boy

Illustrated by Cait Maloney

Mud Boy splashed through the puddles and sloshed through the mud, then launched himself onto the soggy turf. The field was so rutted from dog play that he didn’t slide but stuck in place—his face submerged in two inches of water, his loins in cold mud. Mud Boy’s mother laughed nervously, for people were watching. …

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