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Birth date: Ticks the box next to “1980 – 1984”
Lives in: Melbourne, Australia

Joey was born in Hong Kong but nicked off to Australia (Os-tray-ar) way before the commies took over. In both countries, he had to suffer school and, with way too many stupid subjects and not enough time, he was put off of reading and writing. However, he was always the creative type and preferred to sketch and draw but that’s another matter.

Anyway, he knew the world was mostly unhelpful to those who wished to pursue an artistic vocation and thus made the practical choice of doing something else, albeit with a degree of spite and bitterness. It was only after he exited university when he had time to read the stuff he wanted to read and at his own pace. He binged on Shakespeare, C.S. Lewis, Tolkien and other so-called classics. This was his attempt at educating himself after spending over eighteen years at some sort of school, having learnt very little during that time.

In addition to reading, Joey was also interested in film and television and so it was only natural for him to finally progress to some sort of writing.

Other Publications by Joey To

Joey’s stories have been published at 50-Word Stories, 365 tomorrows, Aphelion, Shotgun Honey, Microfiction Monday Magazine, Positive Words Magazine and here at The Story Shack. He also has a few pieces shortlisted at Needle In The Hay and he won the Bloomsbury Short Sentence Competition for June & July, 2013.

Writing Goals

Joey simply hopes to be able to see his stories out there in the appropriate medium, be they text on the page, a graphic novel or even a film. If he’s happy with it and if one person enjoys and learns something from it (and without setting it on fire afterwards), then that’s good enough for him.

Short stories by Joey To

Illustration for Joey To's 'Trains' by Hong Rui Choo


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