Jill Schmehl

Jill Schmehl spends most of her waking hours attempting to capture the thoughts that scurry around her mind and put them to work entertaining others. You can find these thoughts on her blog, Mind of a Mouse.

Stories by Jill Schmehl

We Appreciate Your Business

Illustrated by Cait Maloney

You have — 1 — new message…. Yeah, hi, My name is Sam Watsen. I own a company called Watches In Time. If you recall, you contacted me through Craig’s List to repair your grandfathers watch? Well, there’s a slight problem. Because, you see, the box you sent me, well it didn’t contain what I was …

Is This An Emergency?

Illustrated by Delilah Buckle

A little girl plays in a park by herself. Lesley rolls her six month old daughter into the park in a small stroller. She leads her five-year-old son by the hand. Her son knows the little girl from preschool. He tells his mother the little girl’s name is Sara. “Sara, where is your mommy?” Lesley asks …

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