Tanvi Chunekar

Stories illustrated by Tanvi Chunekar

Collecting Ticks

Written by Amy Vatner

This story first appeared in The Bookends Review on December 16, 2016. Even the cats were skittish. They normally couldn’t be bothered with whatever was going on in the house, where they looked down upon their owners, or so it seemed to Claire. Now they watched Claire and her mother more carefully and started at the …

The Tea-Time Visitors

Written by Cath Barton

They were surprise visitors. We rarely had visitors of any kind and the effect on my mother was dramatic. It was as if she woke from a long slumber, with a kiss from a prince. There was, of course, no kissing. That sort of thing didn’t happen in our house. But I suppose even my …

Helping Hand

Written by Phil Temples

It was a hot, summer day. The bag of groceries in her hands weighed her down. Even so, the old woman stopped to cast an observing glance in both directions. The self-defense class she had taken recently recommended that senior citizens should try and be more aware of their surroundings—especially of the persons who were …

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