Sue Pownall

Sue Pownall is an illustrator who has created art for flash fiction on Story Shack. Find more of Sue Pownall’s work on

Stories illustrated by Sue Pownall

In Memory of the Brightwell Family

Written by Jason Bougger

It had been a full year since Robert Brightwell last set foot inside his grandparents’ house. Aunt Linda looked up at him from the turkey she was cutting. “It’s great to see you finally made it.” “Yeah, what kind of job keeps you late for Christmas dinner?” his grandpa asked from the kitchen table. “I don’t even remember …


Written by Christina C. Franklin

As I soaked in the comforting warm water, I inhaled the strong soothing scent of Jasmine, and started to allow myself to daydream in my bubble bath. A delicious luxury I would never tire of nor take for granted, especially now. It had been a year. I took a sip of my Merlot watching the wine’s …

The Valley of Doom

Written by Stephen V. Ramey

The light was failing as we started down Route 424 into the Valley of Doom. That wasn’t its map name, but Bruce and I had called it that on our annual excursion over the mountains to Grandmother’s house. Now it was my fiancé in the car with me, drowsing against the passenger window. “Sasha,” I said, …


Written by Diane Teichman

The air was as heavy and as hot as the chugging machine I pushed in front of me. My eyes stung from the sweat that dripped from my forehead. My calves were pounding with each step I took. My bare forearms, now crimson, glistened in the humidity as I gripped that lawnmower handle. Just another …

The Aloo Tree

Written by Kafah Bachari

I sat down under his shadow with great delight, and his fruit was sweet to my taste. — Song of Solomon 2:3 The canopy of sky pressed down upon Hava and Adam, dwarfing their transgressions, making them human beneath distant suns. Adam said, “I’ve never done such a thing.” Such a thing. He pulled her body …

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