Stephanie Matos

Stephanie Matos is an illustrator who has created art for flash fiction on Story Shack. Find more of Stephanie Matos’s work on

Stories illustrated by Stephanie Matos

New Word to the Pa-Ayello

Written by Scott Livingston

Frigid winds howled across a surface of deerskin pelts stretched taught over skeletons of wooden rods, providing shelter for the people huddled within. The eastward migration of the Pa-ayello had come to a standstill as monumental sheets of ice and snow blocked their passage. Even the great orb that was their guide made its appearance only …

Lemon Pie

Written by Ruth Ann Hixson

An email you received in error should be deleted immediately. DO NOT OPEN IT! Jill stared at the monitor wondering what was in that email. She wanted to do what was required the first day on her new job. But that wouldn’t help her find her missing friend who had sat in that very chair …

Daddy, Is Santa Claus Real?

Written by Jonathan Ryan Vassallo

“Daddy, is Santa Claus real?” Sammy asked his father a week before Christmas. This is perhaps one of the most important moments in any child’s cognitive development, and no one understood that better than Mr. Bell. Questioning the existence of Santa Claus shows that a child is beginning to think independently and rationally. Santa Claus is …

A Cold Holiday

Written by Bridget Clark

I stepped outside on the concrete, my feet laced in worn brown boots that made a rough, scraping sound as I began to walk down the driveway. My legs took only seconds to achieve that unpleasant, prickly feeling that is associated with an inhumane amount of cold air. The pants I wore seemed to intensify …

A Song for Sweetie

Written by Jane Wells

It was a delightful October afternoon. From the chimneys in the village came the pleasant smell of wood smoke that filled the crisp autumn air. Sunlight poured through the treetops bathing the entire park in a lemony glow. Sweetie the tan and white Bulldog was practicing his dance routine near the stone angel fountain when, …

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