Simon Walpole

Stories illustrated by Simon Walpole


Written by Joseph Stephens

The game began. Stationed before Bart, at the foot of the couch, the TV sat perched on the entertainment console. The screen flickered, turning blue, as a logo scrolled across the screen, announcing the theme music and title of the game. Legionnaire: The King’s Ransom, it read. Bart rolled his ankles and flexed his toes. It had …

My Time of Exile

Written by Ronda Rosner

Unending darkness holds dominion over the sludgy wetness of my exile, where the occasional rat nibbles at my corporeal existence and my spirit withers deeper into defeat. Rotting compost, a combination of kitchen scraps and yard waste, has been piled, packed and compressed all the way to the roof of my horrid prison. Stuck under …

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