Sherri Oliver

Sherri Oliver is an illustrator who has created art for flash fiction on Story Shack. Find more of Sherri Oliver’s work on

Stories illustrated by Sherri Oliver

Miss Missouri

Written by Becca Hirsch

Begin by answering the phone, reaching into the mailbox, visiting your mother. Maybe you hear it over the radio. Watch a late-night special. Read the back of the non-fat milk carton. Outside your building, your mother will apologize repeatedly. She will cry. She will have had her long grey hair cut short. A gesture. Four years, …

Keeping Up Appearances

Written by Sandy Hoffman

The summer I went to live with my aunt was the first and last time I’d see my mother cry. My mother never really spoke much when I was a child. She possessed an absolute and regal gait about her. I would watch as she would grace about the house in her robe and long …

Pink Slip

Written by Stacey Spencer

My first morning reveries are fond recollections of my husband, followed by the remembrance of his twenty-three year-old-girlfriend. Falling short of wanting to jump out of bed to sing with the birds outside my window, it is all I can do to muster up a decent rage to jolt myself out of bed. I need …


Written by Susan Carey

The streets are rarely this empty in the run up to Christmas; only a trickle of shoppers get off the Routemaster from Camberwell High Street. I look out from the fourth floor window onto Myatt’s Fields below. I am the last to leave the studio, only the caretaker Ernie, walking up and down the corridors, …

Art Is The Child

Written by Jane Wells

Lucky enough to find a temporary production assignment, I was on the set when Richard texted me. His mother Naomi had just flown in from the east and wanted to know if she could see us both the following afternoon. Over tea and sandwiches at the Polo Lounge at the Beverly Hills Hotel, Naomi, small, round …

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