Shantala Robinson

Shantala Robinson is an illustrator who has created art for flash fiction on Story Shack. Find more of Shantala Robinson’s work on

Stories illustrated by Shantala Robinson

Alicia #1

Written by Victor Pinto

She stared down the street towards the direction from where the bus usually came. It would be here any minute now. She pulled her phone out from her pocket and checked the time. She had been waiting for over twenty minutes. It was now a few minutes past 10 o’clock, and the bus wasn’t there …

It Could Be Us

Written by Alexander Burns

The prisoner possessed an incredible capacity for anguish. We crushed entire galaxies, literally crushed them beneath our boots (BOOTS device of course but who can remember what the acronym stands for?), and he would not give up his associates. So I put a bullet in a universe and it turned to ash in front of …

A Homecoming Revelation

Written by Christina C. Franklin

I rubbed my tired eyes and blinked as the 19th century farmhouse came into view. I had hoped that my eyes were deceiving me. The wood post and rail fence was broken and worn, tattered from the secrets that it had held. Newly built cookie cutter houses now bookended the property to the east and …

A Tale of Two Cities

Written by Michael Tonn

A tale of two cities On the top of two hills One lived in the light of day The other in the night of rain The town of day would laugh and dance And celebrate the things that passed The town of rain would hide and grumble And curse the days of unending struggle Though …

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