Rosa Middleton

Rosa Middleton is an illustrator who has created art for flash fiction on Story Shack. Find more of Rosa Middleton’s work on

Stories illustrated by Rosa Middleton

After A Little While Amongst The Cows

Written by Betsy Streeter

She can’t recall the first time she saw him. Somewhere along the way he seeped into her space like air from a vent. There may have been an introduction sometime, or a first lengthy conversation shared over coffee, but she has no distinct memory of these things. It is as if he was not there, …

Ménage á Trois

Written by Sandra Crook

“Martin’s always been impulsive,” she says, as if this is a natural progression of our conversation. It’s not. I glance at her, taking in the purple polyester trousers and baby-pink jumper hanging stiffly from her narrow shoulders. It’s hand-knitted, seemingly possessing a mind of its own. Her narrow lips are set in a newly-stitched operation scar, …

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