Poppy Ridsdill

Poppy Ridsdill is an illustrator who has created art for flash fiction on Story Shack. Find more of Poppy Ridsdill’s work on http://www.iampoppy.com

Stories illustrated by Poppy Ridsdill

This is How it Began

Written by Michael Ferraro

The house smelled as if he was hiding a corpse in the kitchen. There were pieces of raw chicken lining the countertop. The smell of death in the house was proof enough that they had been there for days, collecting stench and flies exactly as you would expect. “Grandpa, what are you doing with this?” I …


Written by Mark Feffer

At the end of his hometown pier, the water was cold and deep. Years ago he would ride his bicycle to the harbor and stand there to watch the winter sunrise. Now it was July and the breeze over the water sopped the heat from the air so that he could lean on the rail …

The Charlatan

Written by Janelle Ward

There he is, sitting across from me, finishing an email as I wait and seethe. So what if I was a couple minutes early. What gives him the right to barely acknowledge me and just sit there, typing? But of course I don’t say anything. I’m not an idiot. I know he’s responsible for my …

What Dreams Are Made Of

Written by Danielle N. Gales

I woke today knowing I would lose my job. Last night I’d seen a broken clock, springs and gears scattered haphazard about the floor; Henry’s clock… Uh-oh. Teacups rattling on saucers, passed to two formally-attired men. Henry’s stony gaze, and Trevor standing watch upon my empty desk. No distinct message, but isn’t that how everyone’s dreams are? …

Sea Level

Written by Colleen Shields Griffin

When my mouth filled with seawater, I was six. Seagulls battled, yet my sister sensed no one. Like a mermaid, she danced, her mane skimming the surface. Panic numbed my legs and filled my middle. I tried to shout. Water streamed down my throat. My toes stretched. Water pushed. Tipped toes grasped roiling sand. A …

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