Péter János Novák

Péter János Novák is an illustrator who has created art for flash fiction on Story Shack. Find more of Péter János Novák’s work on http://nvkptrjns.com/

Stories illustrated by Péter János Novák

Three Uninvited Guests

Written by Nels Hanson

In my father’s house, the day I came of age to join the older girls who walked in the meadow among the young men, my mother told me a story her mother told her, that her mother heard from her mother, who heard it from hers, the changeless tale told by all mothers that tomorrow …

Paper Cut Girl

Written by Shirley Golden

She can’t remember when it started. She leans forward in the wooden chair, shuts out the drone of Ms Fells. She folds the page in her lap, runs her finger and thumb along the crease. Flatten it. Fold it up, hide it. She stares down at the notepad, paper-soft and harmless. She rips, runs an …


Written by Brian Dodge

CLICK A door slams somewhere in the hazy, dusty distance. It’s a miracle of the acoustics of the grungy basement offices that the sound makes it as far as his niche; beyond the first four feet of the doorway the floor is drowned in desks. They create a labyrinth of chipped wood, brushed wood, dark oak …

Henny Comes Home

Written by Aaron Garrison

Jacob built his tumbledown cabin in 1865, on the same mountain that he mined. It was without neighbors, and very quiet. Then Henny came home. It was sometime after midnight when the horses stormed up, gunshots following, intermixed with the protests of branches and stones. Soon after, the cabin’s door opened and quickly closed, stirring Jacob …

Nathan #1

Written by Victor Pinto

He stood in the room, facing the wall where the vase had just been smashed. He was holding the canvas with one hand. It was hanging down the side of his leg, a few inches off the ground. He passed his free hand through his shaggy hair and looked down at the floor. Standing in …

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