Pam Casey

Stories illustrated by Pam Casey

Chasing Armadillos

Written by Erich Earl Forschler

The truck’s tailpipe shook with steamy exhaust as the truck idled there between the several multi-storied and peach-colored stucco maintenance buildings. Twisted, drooping live oaks, charcoal against the fading indigo sky and dripping with Spanish moss, lined the white sand-mixed-with-oyster shell road leading in. A middle-aged man sat behind the steering wheel and smoked a …

Foot Steps

Written by Mike MacConnell

Hall adjusted his coat as the icy wind wrapped around him. His contact was late. The clock on the tower a couple blocks away just finished its eleventh chime. He looked down the street on either side, peering into the slowly growing twilight down Baker Street. Hall checked his pocket, feeling the reassuring weight of …


Written by Rebekka Boyer Bishop

The valley was old when the rains fell. The waters cut through the soil and the soft sandstone, and the stream was born. Deer and foxes and coyotes and quail lived in the valley. The red man came to hunt them, leaving no trace in their wake. Then the white man came. They took the stones from …


Written by Cassandra Mehlenbacher

I woke up to the smell of someone’s cooking three days in a row, and I’ve lived alone since the falling out I had with my roommate. The first morning, the strong aroma of garlic and sweet, herby tomatoes cleared the sleep from my eyes. The second morning I took a whiff and thought of …

A Really Good Day

Written by W.A. Fix

If you noticed Leslie Byrdson, you would probably wonder if he were one of the thousands released by mental institutions to wander city streets, homeless and in need of stabilizing medications. If you did, you would be wrong and you would have mistaken his mumblings for insanity. Leslie was and is, by most standards, a …

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