Nevena Katalina

Nevena Katalina is a master degree graphic designer/illustrator currently based in Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina. You can find her at

Stories illustrated by Nevena Katalina

A Pint and a Pie

Written by Philip McCormac

The stranger leaned on the bar and called for a pint and a pie. Billy started the process of pouring the Guinness. He served up the pie along with a bottle of brown sauce. The Guinness took a little longer and while he teased the dark liquor into the glass he watched with some alarm …

You Bought Me a Plane Ticket to Come Home for Christmas

Written by Kelsey Holland

My eyes scanned over the time again and again. Boarding was at 7:30. The flight was leaving 7:50. It was 8:04 and reality struck that I missed both. My eyes scanned the night sky as the planes took off, wondering which one I was supposed to be on. My fingers were shaking as I struck …


Written by Les Bohem

Louise sat, having a cappuccino, working on her laptop. She was just thirty, but there was a certain weight to her. The sort of thing that used to be called gravitas. She was engrossed in her work. Maybe that’s why she didn’t notice Matt until he sat down across from her. “I’ll only be a minute,” …


Written by Paul Beckman

We were having a campout in our backyard when the motorcycle gang showed up. They weren’t really riding motorcycles and I’m not sure they were a gang either. They were a handful of codgers, three riding mopeds and two on Vespas with one in a golf cart. They had codger uniforms; hush puppies, flannel shirts, pants …

Vaila And The Ant

Written by Gordon Robertson

The shadow of the courthouse clock stood like a new thought above Vaila’s head, but if she was aware of it, it didn’t show. What held her attention more, as she sat cross-legged in the sun, her back against the war memorial and her bare, eight year-old shoulders slowly tanning, was the ant trapped beneath …

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