Naomi McLeod

Naomi McLeod is an illustrator who has created art for flash fiction on Story Shack.

Stories illustrated by Naomi McLeod


Written by Kesia Alexandra

I still remember the first day I saw her. It was senior year at St. Mary’s Catholic School for Girls. We were in English class. She positioned herself at the front of the room and I took the seat directly behind her. It might have been her tan skin that pulled me in. Her lips were …


Written by Abigail Stillwell

There was no clock on the nightstand between the two beds. Just an analogue phone and a brochure I’d taken from the front desk that advertised two free steak dinners down at the lounge. It was cooler outside on the balcony despite the direct glare of the sun. Steam still rolled out of the bathroom; even …

Soldier | Part Four

Written by Carla Dow

Pietro is enjoying his freedom, Italy surrendered to the Allied Forces a month past, following the invasion of the mainland. Mussolini was ousted from his rule in July and the Italian POWs are regarded as ‘co-operators’, volunteers in a war they have lost on the battlefield as well as in their hearts and minds. The …

Hunting for Evidence

Written by Kristina England

Detective Brady had a hangover, which was odd. Not that the hangover was odd, but the fact that he didn’t touch liquor was a bit befuddling under the circumstances. His wife looked at him from across the kitchen table. “Can I make you an egg?” “No… No food for me, today.” Brady’s wife looked even more concerned than him. …


Written by Amber McGlothlin

Lori was panic-stricken, not knowing whether to move or not. The gaping maw inches from her face had sharp tendrils extending from its edges, and dripped with an unidentifiable substance. The creature to which it was attached hadn’t touched her yet, but she was terrified that it was going to. She had been reluctant to move …

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