Myfanwy Kinder

Myfanwy Kinder is an illustrator who has created art for flash fiction on Story Shack. Find more of Myfanwy Kinder’s work on

Stories illustrated by Myfanwy Kinder

Cadillac Love

Written by Michael Conard

Frank loved that classic Cadillac more than anything in the world. It was his baby, his prized possession. Now sitting alone in that Cadillac, all the memories came flooding back to Ivy. The night she’d first met Frank had been very much like this one. They had known each other from campus, having several friends in …

Dubs and Me

Written by David Michael Joseph

Flower That was her name Short, Blonde (artificial), full lips Hollywood-party girl She was the center of it all Love triangle turned square circle It was a Tuesday We were at the Martinez’s apartment The Martinez were no good Low level Mexican con men It was Dubs, Martin and I Deez was John Martinez’s make shift nurse …

The Will

Written by Karla K. McNeese

The taxi let me off in Grandma’s driveway. Someone, probably my brother, had shoveled the driveway and the walkway, but they had done it in such a lazy fashion that most of the snow was falling off the pile back onto the sidewalk. Typical Mike. Can’t leave him unsupervised for a minute. But he is unsupervised …

Nanny’s Room

Written by Amanda Dolan

Look at her, sitting outside talking to another client. What does that even mean? I can’t even focus on my video game, because she’s on the patio laughing at his stupid jokes. I’m unsure why we’ve been here for the past week; this is the longest we’ve stayed in a place like this. I hate …

Future Lost

Written by Beth Townsend

Jennifer is sitting behind the wheel of her three year old Toyota Camry at a red light. The windows are down so she can enjoy the sunshine and the fresh air. The breeze blows her auburn hair into her face. She takes a spare hair elastic from the gear changer and ties her unruly locks …

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