Monique Laffite

Monique Laffite is an illustrator who has created art for flash fiction on Story Shack. Find more of Monique Laffite’s work on

Stories illustrated by Monique Laffite

Love on the Savanna

Written by James Royce McGuire

Cheese and crackers for lunch. That’s what Lequetta thought. And boy did she realize she was dating a cracker. An A-number-one A-hole. At first, she thought his digs were cute. That he didn’t have black fever. He didn’t even like soul food after all. She’d ignored all that because she was swooning with love. But of course, …


Written by Laura Konrad

On the shores of the swamp, two teenagers fell in love during the twilight of an autumn night. He kicked off his shoes and rolled up his pants; she slid from her sandals and held the hem of her dress in her right hand. There were grimy jars underneath the back steps of the house. …

Time to Leave

Written by Paul Weidknecht

Timing was bad. Terrible, in fact. I shouldn’t have brought up the subject while we were in the truck, and for sure, telling her I was leaving while we were rounding a curve wasn’t bright. A straight stretch of road wouldn’t have made my intention any more acceptable, however, it might have made its delivery safer. …

Candy Girl

Written by Lori De La Cruz

Silence. Except for the engine’s hum and splashes of slush as our tires swerve, he hasn’t said a damn thing. His fingers clench the steering wheel, squeezing. His body hunches as he glares out the windshield toward the white road ahead. He knows. I unbuckle my seat belt and yank a compact from my Prada bag. I …


Written by AR Neal

Karen had fallen behind, and neither she nor any of the other moms on the trip for that matter, seemed overly concerned. She pushed William along and together they took their own path through the zoo instead of the one designed by the daycare staff. It was early on a Tuesday; Karen surmised that they …

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