Mike S. Young

Mike S. Young is an illustrator who has illustrated various stories on Story Shack. Find more of his work on http://www.mikesyoung.com/

Stories illustrated by Mike S. Young

The Wager

Written by Joe Kilgore

Sure, I’d heard of idiots doing this before, but you hear lots of crazy things in this world. That doesn’t mean you do them too. God, if I didn’t need the money so desperately, I would have just walked away. But he was such a loudmouth. Such a braying jackass. Wanted to show how macho …

The Juice in the Golden Keg

Written by Randall Brown

At the resort’s morning breakfast, all sorts of juices—orange, cherry, carrot, mango—awaited the vacationers, each transparent keg labeled except for the golden one, which was neither labeled nor transparent. This keg also had no nozzle, no lid; whatever juice sat inside appeared entirely self-contained and unattainable. The keg itself glittered in the early morning sun at …

A Travelling Salesman

Written by Keith Beard

“Gather ‘round! Gather ‘round!” The horde of country folk huddled together as the salesman circled them. He goaded them with outstretched arms and flashed a smile that exposed missing teeth though one had been filled with gold. He wore a faded linen suit that was a filthy contrast to his stark white top hat. “Git ta wheres …

The Beast Lord

Written by Eric White

The broad shouldered Viking sat slumped against a cliff side on a snow-covered mountain. He was clad in war torn leather armor that was ripped and burned from a recent battle. A war hammer was strapped across his back, and an axe hung from his hip. No less than four arrows were still stuck where …

Dream Wheel

Written by Edward G. Gauthier

Soldier I awoke, sat up and realized that the circular platform I was on was floating high above mountains and under a high cloud. I had no idea how I got there and I don’t know how it just hovered there like that. Two others were there already, Utina and Paul. They immediately wanted to …

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