Miakoda Ohki

Miakoda Ohki illustrates for The Story Shack. Find her work on http://miaohki.com/work.

Stories illustrated by Miakoda Ohki


Written by Alex Creece

I glistened upon the sidewalk, fandango-pink and malleable. I was fresh with plasticity, a film of frothy saliva comfortably settling into my crevices. Its tiny bubbles tickled my elastic flesh as they popped beneath a frightful sun. I knew that dreaded thing would be my end; I would be reduced to an insipid blotch upon …

Chlorophyll and Romance

Written by Josie Myers

One last petal fell to the ground. He loves me not. Lies! Marcie picked yet another daisy from her mother’s garden and pulled off one petal at a time until there was only one. He loves me not. Not possible! She moved to some honest looking clematis near the house. She selected the biggest, most beautiful purple she could …

Homecoming Queen

Written by Tori Stubbs

Farrah’s blue eyes were once caring and full of happiness, at least I think they were. As they burned holes into me across her desk it was hard to picture her like that. After staring at me for a good couple minutes she sighed, sat back in her chair and crossed her arms. “What do you …


Written by Clyde Liffey

“Would you like a 1974 or a 75?” the waitress asked. “The disco years,” I whispered to my companion. She shushed me, she didn’t know me then. “We’ll try the 74,” my woman replied then sotto voce to me, “just close your eyes and pretend like everyone else.” “An excellent choice,” the waitress said. “Our vine was just …

Hand Drawn Sky

Written by Danielle Bordelon

She had been alive for 5692 days, 2 hours, 3 minutes, and 6 seconds. I watched her chest rise and fall, in tune with a silent rhythm. At times, she struggled to breathe, her back arching from the effort, but she stayed in a deep sleep. The tubes protruding from her chest gave her the look …

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