Mark Reihill

Mark Reihill is a freelance illustrator who has worked with clients ranging from Coca Cola to Empire Magazine. His digital design style is unique.

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Stories illustrated by Mark Reihill

The Wages of Sloth

Written by Joe Malone

A strong pair of hands jerked me out of bed and deep sleep. I opened gummy eyes. I was staring at DiCarlo. DiCarlo stinks. His breath stinks. His body stinks. Maybe it’s what he eats. Maybe he doesn’t bathe. Maybe it’s his soul. I turned my head away but it didn’t help. The clock told me it …

Erasing Charlie

Written by Andrew Waters

Charlie landed in a slightly shabby, twin-propeller plane, scurrying across the tarmac through a rainy mist into a large, deserted terminal. The taxi driver only grunted when he gave the address, and by the time he checked into the hotel, he’d forgotten where he was. Cleveland maybe? Milwaukee? The hotel was a seven-story sandstone building …

Smack Head

Written by Sandra Crook

It dropped from the sky, hitting the ground only yards away. Who knew that a body could make so much noise impacting with the pavement? I tried to scream but no sound emerged, and I was seemingly frozen to the spot. People kept bumping into me from behind, before walking on unperturbed, some of them adjusting …


Written by Adam Renn Olenn

She closed The Book, handed it to the attendant, and stepped awkwardly through the door. The other six were already in their seats, and she deeply wished her thick suit came with a pocket. It occurred to her that foxholes aren’t the only places inhospitable to atheism. The attendant followed her in and helped her to …

The New Guy

Written by Douglas Sterling

“This whole mess was Carmichael’s fault. He was the one that hired the new guy.” “Let me get this straight,” said the lawyer. “You’re blaming your brother-in-law for what happened up there?” “He should’a known better. Their kind puts good people out of work.” # It all started with my wife’s lard-o husband, Carmichael, dragging me into one …

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