Lakshmy Mathur

Lakshmy Mathur is from an Indian state called Kerala, which is known for its greenery and beauty. She started using colors at a young age. At first her motive was to win competitions as a child. Then it grew with her as a passion.

Lakshmy pursued a degree in Costume Design and Fashion, which helped to nurture her illustration skills. She started her career as an Art Instructor. Now she is working as a freelance illustrator, living in England.

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Stories illustrated by Lakshmy Mathur

Rentless Love

Written by B. Butler

A knock on the door. I put down my bowl of oatmeal. Through the glass I saw my neighbor, Cam Farley. “Come on in Cam, get out of the cold.” It was an unusually chilly February morning. The bright sunlight didn’t put a dent on the ground frost. The frozen scrub grass didn’t move in …

Child’s Play

Written by Sandra Arnold

They scaled the tree, settled themselves on the highest branch and took their apples out of their pockets. From up here Janey could see the river flashing with sunlight and little silver fish, the dairy cows behind the fence and beyond that, a farmer on his tractor. The woods were bursting with bee buzz, bird …


Written by Paul Alex Gray

It’s been four months since you left. You kissed me here, beneath the white birch trees when the sun began to bow away. You told me stories of everything that lay ahead. You said that every mark on every tree was the note of a song unwritten. You placed your hands on my face and whispered …

A Creased Heart

Written by FJ Morris

I tried to pack my heart away, fold it up like origami, make it stay in its place. I wanted it to look like a swan – precise, beautiful, pure. But the folds came loose with every step you didn’t take. The creases showed with every argument we had. I wondered if I was honest and …

The People We Never Know

Written by Jon Montgomery

After driving for the last nineteen hours, the only thing keeping Darrin’s eyes open were the lights over the interstate as he passed through Des Moines. His truck rumbled as he looked through raindrops before the wipers smeared them. As the last exit went by and the last bright light with it, Darrin worried that …