Kim Peterson

Stories illustrated by Kim Peterson

Not Afraid of the Dark

Written by Roy Dorman

For most, the absence of light can sometimes be a scary proposition. However, the absence of darkness where one expects to see darkness can also be disconcerting. Though still a bit groggy from sleep, Jim Trumbell came to a quick and complete stop in the hallway of his apartment when he saw light shining out from …


Written by Emma Munro

“Did you see Pandora on TV? Her twenty-eighth sighting so far. She saved the day again. She’s totally Pandorable.” Hope giggled. Gus activated Etiquette 3, the compliant smile and conciliatory nod. “All those unfortunates traumatised from earthquakes, famines, mudslides! So much wretchedness gone in a flash, thanks to Pandora.” He switched to Behavior 45, wholehearted agreement, yet found …