Katie Weymouth

Katie Weymouth illustrates for The Story Shack. Discover more of her work at https://www.flickr.com/photos/katieweymouth/.

Stories illustrated by Katie Weymouth

Drainpipe Daughter

Written by Nathanael Cameron Hood

Babies aren’t supposed to laugh until they are three or four months old. But Jennifer laughed the day she was born. Not so much a laugh as a giggle, not so much a giggle as a chirp, Jennifer looked me right in the eyes during her first bath in the kitchen sink. As I raised …


Written by James Valvis

The boy tried to lay himself as flat as possible under his favorite Batman blanket. He knew from previous nights that if he did this, the monsters in his room would not get him. Maybe they couldn’t see him. Maybe the blanket, which his mother washed regularly, masked his scent. Maybe monsters could not penetrate …