Ford Spencer

Ford Spencer is an illustrator who has worked with Story Shack. Find more of his work on

Stories illustrated by Ford Spencer

Through A Child’s Eye

Written by Colleen Shields Griffin

With six brothers and sisters, I still found ways to be alone. At seven, I studied picture dictionaries and daydreamed in gardens. I played with siblings. Yet, it was the adults that fascinated me. I watched them constantly. When backs turned, I peeked at soap operas, gulped cold coffee and blew at cigarettes embers turning …

La Folie á Deux

Written by Charles D. Tarlton

CARMODY: You know, sometimes my moods just rise and fall like the flags up there on the two hotels; a little wind and my flags are up! BLIGHT: We’ll be sailing in and out of the doldrums together. 1 Susan Cruz was pushing along the baby stroller filled with plastic garbage bags that contained all her worldly …

Even Rat Pups Laugh Once In A While Part 2

Written by Brian Moore

Tuesday — Stu Rescues a Family of Rats “Good morning, Mr. Stuart!” “Good morning, Miss Johnstone.” Stu’s ankle throbbed. It had been a long trek from the ladder. “We are so glad to see you, aren’t we, kids?” Miss Johnstone seemed to be trying to incite cheer from the enormous class. From rows and rows of sixth grade boys …

Shadow Dad

Written by Diana Paul

My dad—just got the annual note — “Spend this wisely.” Can almost imagine the tear tracks from having to write the check—an obligatory “gift” he sends every year to each of his three kids.On the very last day of the year. His accountant said he should. Part of “estate planning” he said. But Dad procrastinated. …

It Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time

Written by Jim Harrington

Day 1 The rifle rested in the crook of Adam’s arm as he knelt in the blind and waited for a buck to appear. Not that he cared if one did. Hunting season was merely an excuse for a vacation day or two to enjoy what Mother Nature had to offer. He preferred hiking, but the …

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