Filipa Silva

Filipa Silva works in Visual Arts and achieved a degree in Fashion and Textile Design in 2009. She has been working on a portfolio with a focus on illustration and photography.

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Stories illustrated by Filipa Silva

The Goons

Written by Alexander Holly

The goons are out tonight. Shadows of little suburban ghoulies dividing like osmosis by street lamps. Bats evaporating car windows into glassy mist. Chained dogs barking at the offenders over the fence. Combat boots clacking on pavement. Panting breaths echoing in alleyways. No mailbox is safe. They’re all decapitated. Erect wooden planks in grass. Bikes …

Sunday Morning

Written by Max Cohen

You sigh. You said that you’d do your paper yesterday, but what to write about? You wanted to sign up for this class—you didn’t have to; yet, here you are on a Sunday morning delaying the start of your assignment, the one that you thought you’d enjoy. You hear your roommates downstairs playing video games, …

Even Rat Pups Laugh Once In A While Part 4

Written by Brian Moore

Wednesday — Tim Falls in Mercury and Asbestos Wednesday morning Stu read von Grawbadger’s enigmatic response: “If you listened to NPR instead of that country shit, you’d know rat pups laugh when you tickle them.” The form was the epitome of von Grawbadger. Stu read it standing up behind the desk. After an uneventful morning, Stu headed …

An Oasis Of Calm

Written by Dawn Munro

Solitude has a voice, and that voice is replenishment for the soul, invigorating hearts and minds, setting spirits free. I head for the stream, with a tackle box and a fishing pole, a few worms in an old margarine container and a lunch. It’s quiet, save for birdsong and the gurgle of the crystal waters as …