Darcy Rozen

Darcy Rozen is an illustration student who has collaborated on Story Shack. Find out more about her on http://www.darcy-rozen.com/.

Stories illustrated by Darcy Rozen


Written by Brian Dodge

It isn’t how I remembered it. The waiting. The hard return—the strike of something alive, twitching under a stratosphere at the bare edges of flickering displays and drifting star charts. Days of First Contact drills in the ethereal holographic range of Sim-Deck Two. Three mission briefings, a twinge as my scouting unit is tapped for deployment. …

Calling Home From A Phone Booth Outside A Pub In North Dublin

Written by Bob Thurber

Despite an icy northeast wind huffing across the bay I sneak out after dark, after my mother falls asleep clutching her leather Bible, and I hike up the rutted road to the frosted meadow to stand in mist, my shoes in muck, and toss my echo against the moss-covered fieldstone corners of the burned-out church …

The Housewife

Written by Craig Towsley

Helen snapped the suitcase shut seconds before she heard her husband slam the front door. She shoved it under the bed and hurried to the washroom, turned off the running water and slipped into the tub. “Hell of a time to take a bath,” he said, leaning in the doorway, pulling at his tie. “When’s dinner?” Helen …

Cassie’s Paradox

Written by Christina C. Franklin

Bubbles, just bubbles. That’s all I see as I descend into the cold depth of the Atlantic, motionless and unable to move. My hearing is muted, and I can no longer breathe. I am losing consciousness, but haven’t forgotten. Haven’t forgotten how I arrived in this forecastable predicament, or how I could have avoided it altogether. …

Lying in Wait

Written by Michael Critzer

In the instant she heard the crash, Sophie woke to a certainty that someone was downstairs. She searched the empty sheets and raged silently at Dinah for being away at a conference. If only Sophie had gone too, or at least asked Dinah to stay. But they couldn’t be together all the time, and sooner …

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