Codey Richards

Codey Richards has illustrated short stories on Story Shack. Find out more about him on his website,

Stories illustrated by Codey Richards

The Last Song

Written by Ben Dodge

Do you think we’ll get a last song? I’m not sure. This diary I’m writing in is full of holes. It’s sopping like a wet sponge. It reeks, but what doesn’t in the filth and the mess? Storm’s passing. Not like I’ve ever seen here. Even the explosive storms of my youth; running in the fields, the …

Even Rat Pups Laugh Once In A While Part 5

Written by Brian Moore

Shift Transition Departing Custodian: Mr. Stuart Arriving Custodian: Mr. von Grawbadger Esteemed Colleague, Approximately noon today I was treated to that rarest of spectacles: A ballast explosion. I was about to sit down to partake of my lunch in the faculty cafeteria when it blew. Now, you may have seen one or two of these over the …

Black Firebird

Written by Mark L. Berry

Listen to Black Firebird’s companion song. Words by Mark L. Berry Performed by: Matt Pierce *** One morning Lip broke into my dorm room by pounding on the window near the locking pin with his meat-hammer fist, and once inside, he kicked my bunk. I was hung-over from sloshing way too many screwdrivers at a trendy beachside nightclub. Lip …


Written by Bob Skoggins

Three hours after he shot him, he had a breakfast at the Waffle House. It was four in the morning, still cold and wet. Jake finished off his glass of milk and slid it forward. “I shouldn’t have done that,” he said. The worker smiled as he refilled Jake’s coffee. “I heard you can only hold …

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