Christine Stoddard

Born and raised in Virginia, Christine Stoddard is a Salvadoran-Scottish-American writer and visual storyteller. In 2012, the Puffin Foundation awarded her a national emerging artist grant. In 2014, Folio Magazine named her one of the media industry’s top 20 in their 20s for founding Quail Bell Magazine, a place for real and unreal stories from around the world. Christine’s work has appeared in the New York Transit Museum, Cosmopolitan, Bustle, Thought Catalog, The Feminist Wire, the Poe Museum, and beyond. Find her on her websites, Wordsmith Christine and World of Christine Stoddard.

Stories illustrated by Christine Stoddard


Written by Brian Biswas

“Dreams are corporeal in nature,” James said. “A manifestation of the other world breaking through.” The psychiatrist, who had been writing feverishly on a yellow notepad, paused. “You mean that dreams are an expression of the subconscious mind, one’s thoughts and desires as they bubble to the surface.” “No,” said James slowly. “That is not what I meant.” …

Lobster Meat is Sweet

Written by Brian L. Tucker

The Jif peanut butter plant released its workers at 5pm. Finally, Gary thought. He wanted to catch lobster off the New England coast like guys on the Discovery Channel. He’d stamped his timecard a final time. Gary knew lobster was no longer a poor man’s meal; it was luxury to the max. He rushed to his …