Chinedu Onochie

Chinedu Onochie is a student at Sam Houston State University. Currently she is actively at work on a BFA in Studio Art (2-D), minoring in Art History and Biology.

Stories illustrated by Chinedu Onochie


Written by Cesirys Espaillat

1, 2, 3, 4, 5… oxygen. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5… oxygen. The clock marks 3:50am and I realize I’ve been at it for an hour. The little blue lips get colder by the minute. One minute I’m laughing with Janet about the drunk that comes in every Friday, and the next, the screams from …

It Was Frogs

Written by Roy Dorman

“Hey!” Everyone stopped talking at once. Just a second ago there had been five or six different highly animated, drink induced conversations competing with each other to be heard, and if possible, to be understood. Now: Silence. The party’s host, Bill Stafford, knew that going through with this party had been a bad idea. He should …

Brown Haze

Written by Carla Dow

I sit on the prickly green carpet and try to force myself to focus. I am as detached from my decision now as I was from Steve’s rigid body yesterday. I am now as I was then, an impartial bystander waiting patiently to the side until the decision is made. The thin carpet tiles scratch at …