Betsy Streeter

Stories illustrated by Betsy Streeter


Written by Brian Biswas

Because the surface of Mercury is as hot as molten lead, its inhabitants live underground. It has an atmosphere, though, and properly suited up one can live on the surface for brief periods of time. The planet is heavily cratered, much like Earth’s moon. It has cliffs the color of ochre that extend as much as …

The Farm

Written by Faith Cosentino

“Jonah. Get over here,” Jonah’s father said. “Coming,” said the little boy, running through the tall grass to his father. The sun was shining brighter than normal, causing him to squint his eyes. Their barn could be seen in the distance. The only shadow on this sunny day was the woods behind Jonah. “Go get your mother …

10:42 P.M.

Written by Shakyra Dunn

The screams were troublesome. The cries of a foreign tongue shook the snowy sky. Indistinguishable, fast-paced, aggravating. Many terms could be written next to the definition of this night. A back-and-forth banter wasn’t uncommon—soon, it would boil out, and peace would return. It always did. Prying eyes would listen with open ears, an outsider looking in. …