Alberto Pessoa

Stories illustrated by Alberto Pessoa


Written by Norm Cowie

One beautiful day during the Paleolithic period, in what is now known as Alaska, Moorg and Grog were striding through the snow, hunting woolly mammoths. They had to hunt the woolly ones, because the non-woolly ones had migrated south when it became obvious winter was going to last longer than a couple months. Moorg pointed, “Hey, …


Written by A.A. Trivedi

She’s devastatingly beautiful. She always has been. She never had any of those awkward phases that most people encounter at some point through their teens. Her eyes are naturally big, and brown like two perfect hazelnuts. She knows how to bring out their most striking features by the way she highlights them in various tones …

Time Lapse

Written by Kristina England

Day One: We hear noises outside the office window. Tyler says to come look. Something is going on outside. We see yellow and brown for the rest of the day. Day Two: The noises are louder. The sight is greater. Day Three: Sara brings a camera. She takes photos from various angles and texts them to her husband. “I’m thinking of putting together a …

Midnight Elvis

Written by Timothy O’Leary

During the day my father had the appetite of an elderly woman. A single poached egg and a bit of dry toast for breakfast. Lunch, a sliced tomato with a dollop of tuna fish. Later, a monk’s dinner, boiled chicken and stringy broccoli spears. But Pop’s diet belied his physique; he was rhino-shaped, five-foot-eight, sporting …

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