Adam Kolanski

Stories illustrated by Adam Kolanski

The Working Man

Written by Becca Hirsch

Yes? Garrett Honakker. That’s me. The agency told me, they wanted me to speak to you directly. All right. Well. I just wanted you to know that nothing’s official. Nothing ever went to trial. And really I quit just as much as I got fired. And Elise, she- the woman, she- There were no police …

The Book

Written by Sylvia Van Peebles

There it was. The book had always intrigued the girl. It was large and ornately decorated. How could a book be dangerous? It was an absurd thought but that’s what she had always been told. Anyone who read the book disappeared and was never heard from again. As the girl pulled the book down from …


Written by Don Miles

The economy had been very bad and my brother Dave and I were glad to have these jobs even though the work was hard, smelly and dirty. Working on board a fillet processing ship you could earn enough to get through the whole year with plenty left over. So we signed on and headed out. The …

Nothing Special

Written by Tara L. Masih

Nothing special ever happened to Alina. She was born to two good, stolid parents who dressed in dark browns and grays and spoke under the volume of the radio that played instrumental music, not songs with words. Alina tried to make her life stand out more. She put silver nickels in her loafers instead of copper …

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