William Drummond

William’s fantasy is to one day become his writing alter ego Winslow North. He is a CAD designer by profession and a writer by nature. His addiction to scuba diving tends to draw him away from his wife and five cats.

Stories by William Drummond

Helios Fallen

Illustrated by Delilah Buckle

“Everyone up, stand up, everyone up,” Curtis said. They stood. He walked the row. “You will follow every command to the letter, or, you sit, understood,” he said. The jumpers bowed acknowledgement. One bowed a little after the rest. Inside his suit Curtis smiled. Some of them were a bit nervous. No one wanted to …

Peacefully Coexist

Illustrated by Jessica Wilson

We three, the only survivors of the wrecked starship Buoyant, are Captain Bertrand Kelmond, Sergeant Rosalind Druley and me. The Captain has suffered a head injury, leaving him confused and ineffective as the leader. I am not happy with being assigned his attendant and neither is he. Captain Bert believes that he is still in charge …