Walter Giersbach

Walt Giersbach’s fiction has appeared in Bewildering Stories, Big Pulp, Corner Club Press, Every Day Fiction, Gumshoe Review, OG Short Fiction, Over My Dead Body, Pif Magazine, Pill Hill Press, Pulp Fiction, r.kv.r.y, Short Fiction World, The Story Shack, The World of Myth, and other publications. He also writes on military history and social phenomena. Two volumes of short stories, Cruising the Green of Second Avenue, are available at Barnes & Noble and other online booksellers. He has been the director of communications for Fortune 500 companies, publicized the Connecticut Film Festival, managed publicity and programs for Western Connecticut State University’s Haas Library, and moderates a writing group in New Jersey.

Stories by Walter Giersbach

Jump Cut

Illustrated by Alankrita Amaya

Thirsty debated whether to open with the credits rolling over a slow crane shot of an apocalyptically devastated cityscape. Or, maybe the opening should be shot in black and white, like Jack Warner’s Wizard of Oz was b&w till Dorothy stepped into Oz. He’d written the script, or he would write it, but subconscious prompts made …

Laugh It Off

Illustrated by Daniele Murtas

Happy Jack the comedian was the worst boss Bronsky ever had. Jack was overbearing — literally, at 295 pounds — and obnoxious. Bronsky kvetched to his agent and anyone outside the business who would listen to his stories of outrage. TV viewers didn’t know or care as long as Jack fired jokes like machine gun bullets. …

Clenched Teeth

Illustrated by Jessica Wilson

Karl Gruber needed practice shooting, Lorraine Vanderzanden thought, pulling her Ford Explorer to a stop in front of the Gruber bungalow on County Line Road. That much she knew from Laura Lee Gruber’s 911 call. Laura Lee and her mother were still alive, although dinner was ruined. Lorraine killed the siren, but left the roof lights …