Vesna Pivcevic

By day, Vesna works for an independent film and television company based in London, developing ideas for drama series and creative documentaries. By night, Vesna indulges in her passion for writing and telling stories. She has written popular blogs for several websites, had her short stories featured on BBC World Service Book Club and performs her poetry at poetry nights and to anyone else who will listen to her. (Usually her son.) After years of being begged by friends to write down her life story, she has finally begun work on her memoir.

Stories by Vesna Pivcevic

The Stepfather

Illustrated by Hong Rui Choo

Nathan was sleeping off his hangover, curled up on the sofa under a duvet like a grizzly bear. The fug of last night’s beer wafted off him as he snored, the noise of the football match on TV drifting in and out of his consciousness. The front door slammed, an intrusive blast of icy air jolting …

Dodge in the Driveway

Illustrated by Sayantan Halder

“I met someone at Amanda’s wedding a few weeks ago. She was smart and funny and we got on really well.” Elliot pulled another Marlborough Light out of the packet on his carved oak coffee table and thoughtfully squeezed the filter. “Did you find her attractive?” I asked, knowing how rare it was for Elliot to …

Chicken Fajitas

Illustrated by Sayantan Halder

The classroom felt airless that Friday afternoon, and Hal’s nostrils were fighting off the cocktail of stale smells coming from his year eight classmates as they shifted restlessly at their desks, anxious for the weekend to begin. Someone started chucking bits of Satsuma peel across the room and then someone else broke wind loudly causing …


Illustrated by Delilah Buckle

Thursday night always had a magical ring about it and I would get more excited about the possibilities ahead of me on a Thursday than on any other night of the week. I always felt mischievous on a Thursday night too, knowing that although I shouldn’t really let my hair down on a school night, …

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