Veena Kashyap

Aspiring writer. Life-long dreamer. Patiently waiting for the day someone is truly moved by the collection of words she composes.

Stories by Veena Kashyap

A Casualty of My Own War

Illustrated by Hong Rui Choo

The scent of copper from spilled blood mingles with flesh baking in the heat of this summer day, inviting hungry prey to feast on the dead. Sweat cakes strands of hair to my forehead as I pull off the heavy helmet, the length of my blonde locks tumbling across my shoulders. The imposing sun overhead …

The Irony

Illustrated by Sayantan Halder

The Tommy I knew was now lost behind the triple chin, hard to disguise as he tugged at the flaps of skin hanging down his aging neck. His cold blue eyes inspected every angle of his once handsome face. That big, goofy grin puffing up unsightly ruddy cheeks caked with week old salt and pepper stubble. But …

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