Vassar Bushmills

Vassar Bushmills had a rich and varied life in the real world of business, manufacturing, law, and especially in the third world adventurism called ‘tricking the government’ (from a Russian phrase), at which he considers himself to be very good.

From 1991 until only recently he’s spent a great deal in the old Soviet bloc helping small business trick the state. In 1998 he began writing about the common man and the Constitution, and this story about Mick Hensley (not really fiction) is part of that book.

Stories by Vassar Bushmills

Famous Common People I Have Known, Mick Hensley

Illustrated by Cait Maloney

I was born in a small town of just over a thousand people. It was a company town that ran the length of a creek that hugged a huge mountain, for most of a mile. The entire town was on one side of the creek, the streets all running perpendicular to the creek. Like bureaucracies, …