Townsend Walker

Townsend Walker is a writer living in San Francisco. His stories have been published in over fifty literary journals and included in seven anthologies.

Stories by Townsend Walker

Too Far

Illustrated by Kristy Lankford

She sits on a wooden bench in the public garden, a young woman in a long grey dress, legs crossed, elbow on her left knee, chin on her gloved fist. Two books with worn yellow covers lie next to her, and beside them, a straw boater with a black ribbon around the crown. Her forward …

Prom Night

Illustrated by Jordan Wester

The band was playing Good Night Sweetheart. The Prom for the Class of ‘54 was winding down. I slipped behind the wall formed by the folded-up bleachers. Through the cracks I could take in the scene: sparkly reflecting lights and bouquets of pink carnations. So this is what it was like, or might have been, …

Lost Mitten

Illustrated by Hong Rui Choo

Thisbe lost her mitten. She’d had it but a minute ago. It was right there, coddling her right hand, and now it is gone. She can even see where it detached itself, from the frayed string that attached it to her coat. And she loved that mitten because it matched her coat so perfectly. Her …

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