Tom Barry

A published writer at University, Tom Barry spent 20 years in management consultancy before becoming a full-time writer. His career prompted a specific interest in the art of persuasive communication. He is passionate about nurturing young talent and has supported a number of UK and overseas schools, including the Nordoff Robbins Centre for Music Therapy. He lives near London and is currently working with the Brit Writers’ Awards, a charitable initiative to promote creative writing in our schools. His debut novel, When the Siren Calls, is set in Tuscany and is both a sensual emotional drama and a page turning thriller. Tom is married with three children and lives near London, England.

Stories by Tom Barry

The King’s Wife

Illustrated by Jessica Wilson

Isobel rode her horse hard along the bridleway that circled the great moat, far harder than she knew she ought, as if physical exertion, if not a modicum of danger, could drive the feelings of restlessness from her body. But the physical exertion only seemed to aggravate the aching within her. She pulled to a halt …