Timothy Reilly

T. Lloyd Reilly is a writer with over twenty five years of writing experience. He has lived what some would consider more than one lifetime and have gained a wide range of knowledge and life experience which he wishes to share through generous application of the written word. Prior to becoming a full time writer , he has worked as a school teacher, truck driver, equipment operator, ranch manager , HIV/AIDS counselor, market researcher, short order cook, long order cook, bartender, bouncer, taxi driver, explosives handler, telemarketer, suicide counselor, crisis counselor, Halfway house manager, rock n’ roll roadie, dispatcher, convenience store clerk, desktop publisher, office manager, secretary, industrial safety consultant, literacy instructor, industrial trainer, roughneck, construction worker, and, US Army soldier.

He has been published and fervently wishes to publish more.

Stories by Timothy Reilly

My First Deer

Illustrated by Stephanie Matos

On my fourteenth birthday, my father told me that the weekend of Thanksgiving we would be going deer hunting. He had been telling me since I was a little boy about how wonderful it was to be out in the forest stalking wild game, and that it was a “Right of Passage” for every boy …