Timothy Hurley

Timothy Hurley is a writer and retired physician living in Brooklyn. He writes short fiction and humor, and his work has appeared in several online magazines and anthologies. You can read more about Timothy on his website.

Stories by Timothy Hurley

The Hairbrush Murderer

Illustrated by Delilah Buckle

Miriam opened the door to her bedroom and hurried in, glancing through the window at the darkened back yard. She yelled to her husband downstairs. “I’ll be ready as soon as I brush my hair.” “Okay, Dear. I’ll get the umbrellas. Rain, on New Year’s Eve. And you wanted snow.” Miriam walked to her vanity and halted, …

Got Tickets?

Illustrated by Cait Maloney

“Harold, do you have the tickets?” The subway entrance was just in front of us. “Got the tickets,” I replied patting my breast pocket. “What are you looking for in your purse?” “The tickets.” “I’ve got the tickets, Ethel.” “Harold, you know they don’t seat you at the opera if you’re late. Are you sure you have the tickets?” “Ethel, …

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