Timothy Furgal

Above all else, Timothy Furgal believes in happiness. A former finalist for the Ann Stanford Poetry Prize, a current resident of Albany, New York and a hopeful individual, Timothy isn’t sure what the future holds, but knows that he is terribly excited to be a part of it. He encourages you to stop by his website, to recommend tea for him to experience and to have a nice chat.

Stories by Timothy Furgal

The Wolves are Howling in the Darkness (The Darkness is Hungry at the Door)

Illustrated by Jessica Wilson

“Thomas, I hear them.” At last. Thomas lifted his head. He heard them now, still far off — not as far away as he wished they would be. Sitting on the edge of his bed, he began to lace up his boots. Each movement was deliberate, threading the eyelets with an exactingly swift grace. He focused on …

Our Daughter Laments the Past

Illustrated by Cait Maloney

“Lily.” “What?” “The name we agreed on — Lily Azure.” Sarah wasn’t looking at me. I wasn’t looking at her. I could see her, even when I couldn’t see her — long black hair, blowing around in the warm wind off the coast that summer in Maine; rainforest jade eyes that I first noticed at the …

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