Susan D. Harper

Susan D. Harper is a technical writer by day, fiction and freelance writer by night. She has recently published “The Pot-Bellied Stove” in the July 2015 issue of The Front Porch Review. Susan has also published two short stories in the now closed Women’s Circle e-zine.

Susan has also written for numerous newspapers and magazines, including Stressfree Living magazine, The Holten Recorder, The Kansas City Jewish Chronicle, Computer Graphics Review, The Kansas City Athletic Journal, Dos Mundos, The Independence Newspaper, and The Heart of America United Way RIPPLES Newsletter.

Stories by Susan D. Harper

The Others

Illustrated by Hannah Nolan

The world is full of sinners. Eunice shook her head at the television newsman. Cocking her head to one side, she turned towards the staircase, listening. He was whimpering. She turned back towards the kitchen and caught her reflection in the kitchen mirror. Her hair needed a rinse. “I am beautiful in the eyes of the …

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