Susan Carey

Susan Carey is originally from Herefordshire and currently lives in Amsterdam where she teaches business English. She writes short stories, flash fiction, poetry and the occasional novel.

Stories by Susan Carey

A Veiled Lady

Illustrated by Hannah Nolan

“We’ve got another one.” The museum warden said. Herr Engel glanced at his Rolex. “It’s only twelve and this is the second today!” “What shall I do with her?” “I’m coming down.” Why do they phone me every time, Herr Engel thought. This had not been on his list of duties when he applied for the job of curator …


Illustrated by Sherri Oliver

The streets are rarely this empty in the run up to Christmas; only a trickle of shoppers get off the Routemaster from Camberwell High Street. I look out from the fourth floor window onto Myatt’s Fields below. I am the last to leave the studio, only the caretaker Ernie, walking up and down the corridors, …