Sonya Watson

Sonya Watson is a 27 year-old Jamaican Canadian attempting to find her place in the world. She has a BA in Kinesiology and is currently pursing a graduate diploma in Culture and Heritage Site Management. She is a lover of chocolate, shoes and baked goods. She loves the freedom she feels when she dances, runs or writes. She is a feminine tomboy and a cynical romantic.

Stories by Sonya Watson


Illustrated by Hong Rui Choo

The fire danced along the ground as it smothered the life around it. Ash blanketed the sky and once the threat was extinguished all that remained was a pine tree. The fire arrived in the park once every two years and when it came everything was consumed except for a single tree as well as …

The Twelfth Day

Illustrated by Jessica Wilson

I hid behind a rock as the eyes of my brothers scanned the frozen park for my battered body. The moon had set three times, sleep came but I chased it away and my wings had been plucked so as to ground me for a period of thirty one days. It was love that forced …